Monday, October 27, 2014

a weekend in Malmoe...

It´s always nice to see what's going on in a "new" town, or a new spot... This is small fragment that I like from the art and craft scene right now in Malmoe.

In the central station it was a big recycling lamp and at FORMARGRUPPEN local arts and craft it was an artist that also had done a great recycling lamp, Mari Karlsson, I have to say that I like her way of working a lot! So lamps was the main subject this weekend I think.

(and off course a lot of other nice and interesting things too)

FORM DESIGN CENTER also showed an interesting artist Karin Auran Frankenstein... the crystal glazing she used I found very interesting or more the way she used it on the surfaces and also her material in the furniture's, cow dung was one of the ingredients...

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