Sunday, October 6, 2013

sometimes it don´t goes as you want…

You have an idea that didn´t went out as you suppose, just kill your darlings or as in this case, throw it away, don´t add more energy into something you don´t have the faith at. I thought in my imagination that this could be something, but in reality, no… This is the way of working with art, you need to try and you also let it go, not everything you do will be great or interesting art, it´s in fact very little of all the things you create that you can use as art objects in the end, that’s facts and it´s the hard reality.

But it by the try outs and the mistake you learn and have the opportunity to take the right way next time (hopefully).

I needed to do this and I also needed to throw it away, let the idea go and do something else instead.

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