Thursday, May 23, 2013

Moa Romanova...

On my way home with the tram this afternoon I saw a funny creature on my one of my stop, this was standing at Järntorget. When I stop and took some photos I was standing beside of the street artist Moa Romanova to this amazing work of art, nice to meet the artist! I like when artist take the public room in domain. Vive la street art!!!

I took a look at Moa´s blog and I have to say that I like the energy and the drive there, a very very inspirited girl. I can believe that I and others here in Gothenburg and the rest of the world (may be the cyber space) will see more great art from Moa Romanova.
I wish you all luck with your entire project; keep up the good work Moa! We others need people/artist like you that put signs and comments in our daliy way, using the public space as a show room or gallery, absolutely great idea to use the public space that are so filled up with commercial shit that we need something that balance the whole situation in a god way in the end. All the power to the people!

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Joanne Haywood said...

My sister loves that character!