Thursday, May 23, 2013

Bergums fritidslantgård...

Bergums fritidslantgård
424 91 Olofstorp

Today I have been at the Bergum Fritidslantgård a farm that also is a daily activity, a great sunny day even if the heat isn´t was as the days before… a lot of farmer animals and a beautiful countryside environment. A great day at work.

All the lovely hens and rooster photos is for my friend Joanne. I love the red brown big hen with extremely big feet’s for me it look as some kind of pre animal, as a small dinosaurian, strange and beautiful.

The light pink - flower is one of my absolute favorite summer flower, I don´t know the name on it.


And off course a face… robot face.

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Joanne Haywood said...

What beautiful chooks! I find the ones with the feathery feet very funny! I hope you will get to meet our flock one day :-)

Jo x