Sunday, December 2, 2012

2007 in Krakow, Poland at galerii Bielak...
I found this link at internet when I was looking around today... It was a great meeting with the Bielak family and a great city and gallery... This was one of the exhibitions I arrange in my on line project 2005-2007. Maybe the first internet project by jewelry artist?! Love Jönsson was talking about this project in Germany. These days the internet has exploded, so everyone is connecting in one way or another, at this time when I started this project I was really really bad at English and the words I use was mostly; good, great or amazing. Not so many was comfortable with the blog idea, the way of adding photos and text, so it was a very hard project even if the will was strong, but I/we manage it in the end and we show our project in three places, on here in Sweden, one show in Norway and this one in Poland, my intention was that we should show our things that we have come up with in the participants country but that was not possible at the time, we had not so many contacts and the jewelry art was not so bit at that time, the jewelry art has become a bigger field under the year and that’s really really great!


Here is the old link to the project if you are curious about it.

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