Sunday, December 2, 2012

2006 in Cape Town...

2005 or mostly 2006 my way of working as I do today started after a trip to South Africa for one months, to study the way of using recycling material in art, I hang around whit this amazing and great “street people” on a pedestrian street near by Cape Town, I learn how to use beads and everyday life material to create art. For me this was a turning point in my art, but I have to sublime it into a Swedish context and make it act in my environment. It was a happy and interesting and very very nice time in my life and also for my artistry, I´m not sure that my way of working and using material have been accepted in Sweden yet, but I know that my aesthetics appreciates aboard and maybe that´s much better then to be a part of a stripped white and clean aesthetic that Sweden and the Nordic countries are known for?! I don´t know what´s the best, I am doing what I need to do and what I like and that I have a quiet story to tell about the consumer society, and I am doing it with plastic and color and an aesthetic that aren´t so common in Sweden. To be curios and see what’s coming up if I mixed material and objects interesting me a lot and I know for sure that if I use this kind of everyday material I need to take care and lift in some leaves, I can´t just add material together I need to use my knowledge as a silversmith to make my jewelry, you can´t do a good work if you don´t have the skills.

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