Monday, October 3, 2011

when life are great…

Yesterday, this weekend and all the other days in my life so far, I have friendly friends who are thinking of me, it hits me sometimes that I’m satisfied with my life, I’m grateful over the one I have become even if I don’t have a flashy apartment, a nice workshop or studio, a fast car or a car at all, or a slim body with a lot of muscles on the right places and so on… I have what I need and I’m happy for it.
I have my family, I have my friends and I have my health and I absolutely have the life that I want as a jewellery artist and common person, I live in a neighbourhood that I like, I have my ideas and I have my dreams and sometimes I have the chance to help others … The sun not always shine, but sometimes we need the grey and the rain to rest.
I’m not a believer of that the grass is greener on the other side of the fence; I believe that I can water my own grass.

Off course the life could be a little bite easier if I got a scholarship for my art, so I got more time and more money to invest in my jewellery art… to produce the ideas in a way without thinking of compromises… now I have the limits as so many others to work with… But may be one day it’s my turn to have the “luck”, but the financial resources can’t stop me.

I got this funnel chanterelles by a neighbour yesterday, she had been out in the forest the whole day and it was plenty of funnel chanterelle, it’s a funnel chanterelle year this year I have heard, and I love mushrooms… I parboiled them and put them in freezer for some other time. Lucky me!

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