Saturday, July 7, 2012

Thursday evening...

At Thursday evening I spend some nice hours with my friend and colleague Karin Jonsson at Klippan, we had picnic time at the rocks close to Röda Sten, near by the waterfront.  A nice summer evening that ends up at the café and restaurant Röda sten with an end up beer.

 The area has got a new concrete sculpture that can be used for graffiti; the artist behind the concrete dragon walls is Per Agelii.

They area has also got new road illumination, I like the shape of the lamp post very much, they fit very well to the Klippan area I think.
The last pic was a “stupid” sign that we couldn’t miss to document.

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kannisova said...

Jag behöver en bättre kamera, det ser jag när jag ser dina bilder! Fin kväll det där. Kram