Monday, August 29, 2011

one of my last pieces...

This is one of my last pieces that will be sending away as soon as possible with some other stuff.
I think that I have been affected by the thing that’s going on in the world when I have doing this brooch…

I working for some deadlines right now and have less time to sit with the computer these days, therefore less post at the blog and less e-mail private to all that miss my e-mails.

I have a lot of great photos from my summer holiday, some event that I have been at and so on, but I hope that I will have the time to add post about it when all the things are ready, when the time has calm down and the autumn and the winter are here to stay for a long time…

I should not complain, but the time is limit… I think I work as he… but even I have to sleep and work for bread and butter and have time with friends and catch the sun when it’s there, BUT I’m so happy for the things and places that are waiting for me, places there I will show my stuff later this autumn and in the beginning of next year.

I will absolutely blog the coming up exhibitions and other stuff when time has calm down.

Take care all of you out there; and visitors, friends and colleges that stop by here sometime, I’m thinking about you all.

Enjoy life and keep up the good work!


montserrat lacomba said...

It's surprising! I like colors, which size is it?
Kramkram Montserrat

paula lindblom said...

Hi dear Montserrat!

I’m glad that you like it and that you comment it.

The size is around 6 cm in length and 2, 5 cm in height; it’s the bottom of shampoo cans…

I hope everything is fine with you and that you had a great time this summer at Formentera and that the business went very well. Take care and keep up the good work.

With love and thoughts, kramkram Paula.