Sunday, April 10, 2011

this is nothing at all and it will be destroyed today… just a memory of an idea…

Frustration, this is nothing at all, even if I think it looks great I have to redo this piece, I have done it very well BUT the weight is in the wrong place and it isn’t possible to wear in a nice and elegant way, this piece looks better in my imagination then in real life… I want to blog these images just to show that not everything goes your way and that the time goes too… I have to cut this piece up and started with a new view, a view that I have no idea about right now, therefore a big frustration and irritation and with the word; shit happen, spinning in my head. This is something all artist stands in front of sometimes; kill your darlings. Sometimes it’s hard to get from an idea to a finish product. In this case it was/is hard to understand were the problems will show up… Now it was the fact that the weight was totally wrong places in the strings. In one way I love this expression and necklace piece and in another way I really hate it because it want be as I want to have it.

Material; porcelain birds from the flea market, candle-rings from the flea market, enamel, garnets, glass beads, wool, branches.

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