my work

Three brooches 2011

Nine new jewellery pieces, necklaces 2011.

Some of the images show details or another angle of the same piece…

This is selection from 2004 till now.

I use unconventional material to make my jewellery and objects.Its find objects and every day life’s material as shampoo cans, deodorant cans and so on, I’m not tied to material, more to a shape or a idea and the finally expression of a jewellery or object. I like to charge a material with a value more then to take a material that’s already filled up with their own value, for me this is a more interesting way of working, it’s make me curios and also a little bite more increase in the subject or shape, object that I’m working with.

To take responsibility for my work and not only trusts the material.

The wool jewellery is a siding. I find it interesting and funny , but I’m not sure that I have find the finally way of using it, more then to build shapes and just relax in the way of working with it, to get new idea when I have some thing for my hands.


The sketches are made by hand and by photos, scanner and computer. I like to transform, to add an object in another context or media, things happen when you have a 3D form and do a 2D image out of it, sometimes the idea gets clearer, when you see it in another way.